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A David von Schlegell Timeline



Designs and builds house and studio in Cape Neddick, Maine. Continues to make abstract wood sculptures. Shows them regionally.


Solo exhibition of sculpture at Ward-Nasse Gallery, Boston.


Starts working with stainless steel and aluminum.


Solo exhibition at Royal Marks Gallery, New York. Shows work at World's Fair.


Moves to New York. Included in the "Primary Structures" show at the Jewish Museum. Shows world's first radio controlled motorized sculpture at Whitney Annual to delight of local press.


American Sculpture of the 60s, Los Angeles County Museum.


Solo exhibition at Royal Marks, as part of the "Park Place Group" (with Robert Grosvenor, Forrest Myers, Ronald Bladen, Mark di Suvero) showing out of that gallery. Shows widely in group exhibitions, winning the Purchase Prize at the Carnegie International.

Dennis Hopper shoots Jefferson Airplane in front of piece in San Francisco.


Starts teaching sculpture at Yale. Solo exhibition at Reese Palley, New York. First large scale out door work at the "Sculpture in the City" exhibition.

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